Fresh and Green: Your Guide to Zero Waste Bathroom Essentials

Hello, eco-friendly friends!

Marina Wright here with another adventure into the world of zero waste. Today’s journey takes us to a place that might surprise you: the bathroom. Yes, it might be small, but it’s a veritable battleground in the fight against waste. So, how can we tip the scales towards sustainability?

Eco-friendly Toothbrushes

We’ll start with the basics—your toothbrush. You brush twice a day (or at least I hope you do!) which means those plastic brushes can quickly pile up in landfills. How about trying bamboo toothbrushes instead? With biodegradable handles, they’re the eco-friendlier option.

Natural Toothpaste

Speaking of oral care, let’s not forget the toothpaste. Many come in non-recyclable tubes but don’t despair. From toothpaste tabs to those sold in glass jars, there are plenty of options that can help you smile sustainably.

Soap Bars

Body wash might smell fantastic, but it often comes in a plastic bottle. It’s high time we revisited the humble bar of soap. Wrapped in paper or sold loose, soap bars reduce plastic waste and come in an array of enchanting scents.

Solid Shampoos and Conditioners

Next up in our green bathroom routine are shampoo and conditioner bars. Yes, bars! These fantastic products last for ages, perform just as well as their bottled counterparts and come in plastic-free packaging. A win all around!

Reusable Razors

Razors are another item where going old school can make a massive difference. A sturdy metal safety razor with replaceable blades can last a lifetime, reducing waste and offering a seriously close shave to boot.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk toilet paper. Opt for brands that use recycled materials, offer plastic-free packaging, and most importantly, commit to responsible forestry practices.

If you’ve ever pondered how to freshen up your bathroom routine with a splash of green, there you have it! Every scrub, brush, and flush can become an affirmation of our commitment to the planet. Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about making better choices, one small step at a time.

Here’s to a fresher, greener bathroom,


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